Layer 1

Determine the Need

Determine why there’s a need for a new Project Manager, is it growth, new project, a resignation, or you’re putting together a succession plan? We also need to talk about what you’ve done to attract these candidates, did your job ads fail, were your offers rejected, not getting enough applicants?


Data gathering of all potential candidates in the marketplace, determine the number of viable candidates and look at historical data of total compensation to determine if your compensation package is viable to attracting the right candidates.


Layer 2

Finding Talent

We build a custom crafted attraction story and take it to market through direct sourcing from your competitors. Once the talent is identified, the recruiting message is delivered thru various means. The goal is to round up seven top talent candidates within your skill set parameters, and schedule them to meet with you.  We will handle all scheduling, debriefing and provide you with a written report after interviews. Forget about candidates not showing up for interviews or GHOSTING YOU!




Layer 3

Diamond in the Rough

Develop a short list of candidates, conduct written references, and ensure your offer is accepted.

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